Saturday, April 18, 2015

On Keeping a Quote Journal

Keeping a quote journal was an idea I got, of all places, from Oprah. On one of her life class shows she brought out her own quote journal, in which she wrote down quotes from her various conversations with people.
And I thought: I love journals. I love quotes. Why have I not done this?
So I picked a notebook from my collection (is it a rule that bookworms are attracted to beautiful notebooks and journals) and decided to start a journal for quotes from the books I read.

 This is the journal I chose

And here is what it looks like inside

I started this journal last summer, so almost a year ago, but during the school year I used it less and less. I'm reading Just Kids by Patti Smith right now, though, and in the dedication I found a quote that I desperately wanted to write down, and this made me remember my quote journal. I would really like to get back into transcribing quotes in it on a regular basis, because it's nice to have a collection of the words that speak to you. It also is a good way to remind you of the books you've read and your experience reading those books. 
I know some people use Goodreads to keep track of quotes, but I've never used that feature. No matter what system you use, however, I think that writing down or keeping track of quotes you love is a valuable experience for any reader. 


  1. I love this idea and as you pointed out I have plenty of empty journals to choose from. I think I will start one right away.

  2. Thanks! It's an easy thing to let fall to the wayside, but it's very rewarding!