Monday, April 6, 2015

Growing out of a Genre Doesn't Make you a Snob

As a 21-year old English major, I'm not only in a weird spot in my life in general, but also in my reading life.
As a teen I was a dedicated YA reader. It was age-appropriate and I gobbled up the books in my library's YA section, rereading my favorites over and over again. And while I think I will always love those favorites, I've found myself increasingly dissatisfied with YA, and not because it's getting worse, but because I am just plain-old growing out of it.
It's not you, YA, it's me.
This is not to say that adults can't read and love YA. Clearly there is a huge community of YA lovers of all ages, and I'm all for that. But they just don't do it for me anymore, and this has been hard to come to terms with.
I do not want to be and English major snob. And not liking YA anymore made me feel like that. It made me feel like I had been tainted by self-importance.
But I've come to realize, after a few years of this awkward transition, that just like anything else, it is ok to grow out of books. It was ok to grow out of Junie B. Jones after elementary school, and it is ok for me to grow out of Sarah Dessen now (Don't worry - two of her books still hold prime spots on my Goodreads "Favorites" shelf). Because what matters is that I am still enjoying books. I still love to read, so much so that I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about it, and I get an enormous amount of pleasure out of it.
I've come to accept that my reading preferences are going to change as I change, and that is ok, and it doesn't make me a snob. It makes me a human.
There is just no sense in reading books that you don't like. I'm not shutting YA out completely. If there's a book that sounds amazing and is YA, heck yeah I'm going to read it. But I can't make myself feel guilty for "abandoning" a genre. I like what I like, and if that means I'm going to read the next big Literary Fiction book over the new YA romance that everyone is loving, that is ok, and it doesn't mean I'm a snob.What matters is that all of us are reading the books we love to read.


  1. This is what's happened to me too! I fought really hard to keep on liking YA but I just don't find it so appealing any more.. And that's OK! Read what you love to read :) great post!

    1. Thanks! It's good to know it's happening to other people, too! Or maybe it's a Rachel thing haha